Light to Heavy Chinese Meals

Whether you are planning to go light or heavy, Jiangnan has a lot of variety for you. We prepare food daily. Our variety of dishes are made of the freshest ingredients. Eating at our restaurant is good for your I Amsterdam card. We offer the best value for your money.

Food Delivery Fresh From the Kitchen

If you don’t want to go out but want some authentic dishes, call us. We do free delivery for orders $50 and above. If you have visitors come over, we also accept bulk orders. We will also give you some offers & coupons, so you’ll get privileges on your visit to our restaurant.

Kid-Friendly Facility

When we are doing the concept of our restaurant, we know that we would want it to be a family restaurant. So, we allocated a space where your children can play around and be kids while you enjoy good food. You’ll also notice the minimalistic approach at our restaurant. We are the exact opposite of other Chinese restaurants who has great displays. But to avoid accidents and other unprecedented events, we rather keep the design simple.

Come Visit Us for Freshly Brewed Tea

Avoid drinking sodas. These beverages contain tons of sugar. If you are a coffee drinker but hates the jittery effect it causes, go for teas. Every day, we brew our iced tea and hot tea. If you want to take home these amazing teas, we also sell tea leaves from China. We only get from reputable farmers and suppliers, so you are sure that you are getting the best quality dried leaves.