All About Dim Sum


Dim Sum is part of Chinese history. Up to this day, the recipes are still constantly evolving. If we will compare Dim Sum to other food choices, they are the protagonists. They are small but are super delicious.

It Used to Be a Dish for Breakfast

Chinese people love to drink tea; however, drinking tea without a proper meal cause them stomach ache. The remedy to this issue is to eat bite-size snacks. Dim Sum is perfect for this category. So every night, Chinese people prepare dim sum and steam them. So by the morning, they can start their day with the help of this simple dish. Chinese like dim sums more than paginas de citas internacionales because of the dish’s texture and bland flavour. Chinese culture likes dips and spices. They want flavour and dim sums can go in harmony with many spices like chilli paste and soy sauce. During the time of war, meat became so expensive. They also learned to make dim sum using seafood. These authentic dishes are still available in the Amsterdam canal tour. Don’t forget to try them and pair them with tea of your choice.


The Idea Began from Merchants

Going back in time, there was no delivery vans nor rental cars coupon code & discounts. The merchants have to travel to sell their goods. Traveling on the road was gruesome and tiring. Bringing big chunks of meat at the time is bad luck because meat attracts predators. Dim sum is an excellent way to bring meat without the chunkiness. The wrapper used in dim sums also contains flour cheap hotels in amsterdam for groups for energy which is important in trading at that time.

So Chinese women thought about a dish that is easy to carry and satisfying at the same time. They accidentally came up with the idea of dim sum. Since the discovery of dim sum, merchants wouldn’t go without them.

Dim Sum Hold Meaning

Do you wonder why the dim sum is one of the most detailed delicacies around the world? It is because of their shape and folds. Each detail hold meanings. For example, Chinese buns are shaped in a way resembling a gentle river.
Dim sums are now common almost anywhere and in Amsterdam sightseeing bus because this dish is not hard to love. For Chinese people, Dim sums symbolize the little treasures we carry with us, and these little treasures give us joy. It reminds us to appreciate the simple things. It was an ancient way of sending soldiers to travel and wishing them safety while crossing rivers. Today, we see these dim sum as fancy food with a discount. But behind this beautifully steamed dim sum is a rich history and Chinese culture.