Guide to Basic Chinese Cooking: Variety of Sauces and Paste

Chinese food has a peculiar taste that sets it apart from other cuisines. There is no secret to this. We all know that Chinese love to play with their spices and sauces. But they are very meticulous in choosing the right sauce for a dish. To make it less confusing for you, let us share you the basic sauces for Chinese cooking.


Light and Dark Soy Sauce

Chinese like to braise meat. To achieve the ideal taste, they have to be careful about what soy sauce to use. Light soy sauce is mainly used as a dip or adding flavor. Chinese cooks prefer to use light soy for delicate dishes like fish and noodle soup. Dark soy sauce, on the other hand, is used for coloring and strong flavoring.

Doubanjiang (Bean Paste)

Doubanjiang is commonly used for a dish called “stinky tofu”. The paste is made from fermented bean paste and chili. It is an important ingredient in making Szechuan dishes. It is somehow similar to Korean chilli paste. But there is higher acidity and slight difference on flavor found in Doubanjiang that can make any dish taste like Szechuan. The outcome of the dish is reddish-orange with a hint of spice and salt. Szechuan dishes are starting to gain popularity in Amsterdam city pass.


Hoisin Sauce

Hoisin is perfect in marinating the pork. Chinese people also love to use this as a condiment for their steamed bun.Do you know what makes the soft bun delicious despite its bland taste? It is the Hoisin sauce with health insurance 18 years. Hoisin is sweet and has a unique flavour that transforms a regular bland dish to a flavourful, salty dish. Hoisin works well with almost any pork dish. Hoisin health insurance 18 years sauce is made of a good mixture of garlic paste, soy sauce, and Chinese spices. Some restaurants in cheap night Amsterdam use hoisin to add flavor in their noodles.

Char Siu Sauce

Char siu sauce has a very strong flavor. It can overpower any ingredients, so it is best used as a marinade for chicken, beef, and pork. A jar of char siu sauce contains a good amount of Chinese five-spice powders, garlic, sugar, chili, and soy sauce. Char siu is best for sauteeing meat with vegetables and add some water and spice, then you can have an authentic Chinese dish. The beany amsterdam city sightseeing bus stops texture gives out a sticky sauce that most Chinese food lovers go for. It is also adapted by the western in creating the Charlie Chan pasta. If you are planning to use char siu sauce, be careful with the amount to use. But if you like strong spice, you will love this baby.