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Taste of Jiangnan Food Packages

Package #1

It’s good for group orders. You’ll get significant voucher codes to lessen your bill. Package #1 is a complete meal set, from appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

What you will get:
2 variety of Noodles
4 appetizers
5 dumplings
1 rice variety
3 thick sauce dishes
1 Pitcher of homemade iced tea
5 choices for desserts (1 serving per variety)

Package #2:

If you are planning to treat the whole gang, Package #2 will be easy on your wallet. This package is good for bigger groups. It’s enough to satisfy 12 people.

What you will get:
4 variety of Noodles
8 appetizers
12 dumplings
5 rice variety
6 thick sauce dishes
Bottomless of homemade iced tea
12 choices for desserts (1 serving per variety)

Call Us for Bulk Orders

If your group is greater than 12, please call us ahead of time. We want to reduce the waiting time of serving your food. We prepare all our dishes on the same day to ensure freshness. Calling us ahead of time will enable us to make proper reservations. If you are not planning to dine-in, no problem. We also do free delivery.

If You Are a Local Farmer, We’re Here to Support You

We believe that the freshest ingredients come from the local farmers. Taste of Jiangnan supports the community of local farmers in the area where we operate. We know the day-to-day struggle of farmers, so contact us and see how we can help.